-Kristen Longcrier (2016)

 “Tanya is phenomenal. She has so much experience with birth and caring for women that there is nothing she can’t help with. Her vast knowledge and confidence in her craft set our minds at ease. She listens and asks questions to help new mamas understand what kind of birth they want. Her support is empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-Carrie Silveira (2015)

“If I had another baby, I wouldn’t want anyone but Tanya delivering him/her. When she moved away I immediately started trying to figure out how I would do my potential appointments from another state, so I’m so glad she’s back to serve the central coast! My visits with her felt more like hanging out with a friend than a pre-natal appointment, although we did get the important stuff done as well. 🙂 She is so supportive, professional, and knowledgable, and her presence helped make my home birth the amazing experience it was. We love Tanya!”

-Lillie Goldstein (2010)

“Tanya has been, and will always be, an attentive and caring midwife. Her presence encouraged me to rebirth myself in wholeness as I carried and birthed my son. Her intuitive and skilled nature is a gift. You are in good hands with her. My family and I were in good hands with her. I still marvel at the experience of connecting with the innate knowledge of birth and birthing she guided me toward.”


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