5-11-20 VBAC Birth

This sweet woman got the experience she wanted with us. Her first child was born via a cesarean with another provider that she felt was unnecessary.  She was induced and one thing led to another, leaving her feeling like she was no longer in control of her body.  She was scared into a cesarean and told her baby was in danger.  Although she healed well physically and her baby was healthy, it was emotionally scarring for her.  

When she found out she was pregnant again, she called me in tears wanting the opportunity to push her baby out.  She didn’t feel that the hospital would allow her that opportunity and had done enough research on VBAC to know that her chances of pushing her baby out at home with a licensed midwife would be best.  She had all of her prenatal care with an obstetrician this pregnancy, who repeatedly told her a cesarean delivery would best and they even encouraged induction at 39 weeks.  She went into labor naturally right at 40 weeks, followed by a quick and easy labor where she never once hesitated and pushed her beautiful baby into the world.  It brings me such joy to help women take back their power and heal from past birth trauma.

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