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Baby girl born 2 weeks late to first time mom, 6/30/22

This little girl made her mom and dad wait and wait and wait. Her mama tried all she could to get her to come but babies really don’t come unless they are ready. She waited 14 days past her guess date before she decided to meet us. Her water was broken 53 hours before this first time mom birthed her baby at home in water into her own hands! I love encouraging women to catch their own babies! It is one of the most empowering things a woman can do in her lifetime, to push when she feels the urge to push and to push that baby right into her own hands! Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz with lots of vernix on her skin, this is why women shouldn’t be forced to induce as long as mom and baby are both doing well. You were well worth the wait sweet baby girl.

2nd birth of the day, 6/14/22

This was my second birth of the day. This sweet mama made birth look so easy! So easy in fact that we were setting up the tub and thought she had at least a couple hours left and then all the sudden she was pushing! Baby was born safely into her arms within 2 quick pushes, so fast that my assistants who lived 5 minutes away didn’t make it! But she got the calm, peaceful, ease of birth she needed this time around and that’s what we love! This little bundle of joy was 7 lbs 12 oz and is loved very much by her parents and siblings!

Baby girl born at home 6/14/22

This was my second birth with this sweet family. She came fast! Her mama called me at 5:06 and told me she thought we water had broken on the toilet. I told her to get up and walk around and see if she started contractions and she told me she couldn’t really walk. I knew that meant I needed to go check on her, I arrived at 5:35, dropped my bags and caught a baby at 5:36! Barely had time to get my gloves on. When they are ready, they are ready! Weighing in at 8 lbs 15oz this sweet little one is balancing out the house with some girl energy!

Welcome to the world baby girl, 4/13/22

This baby girl came into the world quickly! A 3rd baby girl for this sweet family, but their first home birth. Her mama really wanted a birth free of interventions and a water birth, and she got her wish! Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz this sweet one came within just a couple hours of us getting to their home. Wishes do come true!

Beautiful baby born at home 3/10/22

This beautiful mama is a favorite of mine. This was my second time birthing with their precious family and so we had sweet history together. She rocked her labor and birth just like last time but with active labor only lasting 3 hours before she pushed her baby boy into the water. We were able to have a birth photographer there to capture this amazing photo, photo credit to Candice Photographs. Welcome gorgeous baby boy, weighing in at 8 lbs 14 oz. We are so happy for you all!

Beautiful baby girl born at home to first time parents! 2/23/22

This sweet girl used to be my neighbor. She always knew that she would have a home birth. When she and her partner became pregnant they were so excited. She had a pretty hard pregnancy so I really hoped she would have a really fast and easy birth. It wasn’t as fast as we had hoped for, and she had to work hard for it, but they did it. They did it beautifully together with the support of her sweet family nearby. Welcome beautiful baby girl, you are so loved by your family. I am so happy very for you all.

Beautiful home birth 1/25/22

Blyss and I attending the most beautiful birth. One of those births where the sweetest things just kept happening. The birth took longer than the mama expected for her 3rd baby, but in those hours we had moments of several women crying in the room, her little ones were very much a part of the birth, even swimming in the birth tub. The moments between her sweet mama, sister and grandma were more precious than I can tell you with words. The pics will speak for themselves. The oxytocin was FLOWING. ❤

Baby boy born at home! 1/19/22

Baby boy born to a 4th time mom and dad! This was their first home birth. The mama just felt like she wanted to do it different this time around. Baby was born in the bathroom as many babies like to do. She made birth look easy! Welcome sweet one to your beautiful family!

Baby boy born at home to first time mom! 1/7/22

Baby boy born to first time mom and dad in Los Osos. This sweet family transferred from OB care third trimester. She wanted a provider that would believe in her ability to birth, even at the age of 35. Many OB’s consider 35 and older Advanced Maternal Age, but we know that many women nowadays are waiting until they finish their education and start their careers. We see a lot of women having babies naturally in their upper 30’s and into the 40’s with no problem. This mama had a 30 hr labor start to finish but never hesitated. When she was completely dilated her baby needed rest before she pushed her baby out and we provided the time for her to have that as well. NO induction needed. Welcome to the world sweet baby, it had been a pleasure to get to know your family!

Baby Boy Born in Water 11-28-21

Baby boy born at home this morning to a 3rd time mama weighing in at 8 lbs 13oz. This sweet boy was all cheeks! His beautiful strong mama got the quick water birth she deserved after 2 long hard hospital births! So proud of her! This midwife is officially off call for the rest of the year!

Beautiful Home Birth Photos 11/11/21

This mama was lucky enough to have a birth photographer as her best friend, so she was able to get some beautiful photos. This was baby number 3 but their first time having a home birth. Mama labored so beautifully and just as her baby was about to come she got back into the birth tub. She pushed her baby’s head out with ease before deciding to wake both big sisters for the big moment. One by one they came in and she asked if they were ready to greet their sibling, then they watched in awe as mama gave one more big push and birthed their baby brother into the world. Welcome little guy, you are blessed with such a beautiful family.

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